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About me as Author

Looking Out for Me: A Spiritual Journey from

Paranoia to Acceptance

Genre: Biographies & Autobiographies / Personal Memoirs

Published by Cherish Editions, part of Trigger Publishers. 

"Big Brother was watching Alastair Gamble. They wanted him dead! The heavenly gods were protecting him from physical harm with their magical powers.


At least, that was what he believed....


In this compelling memoir, Alastair Gamble recounts his experiences with paranoia and mania. Since 1993, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and later was given the label of bipolar affective disorder. However, he was able to hold down architectural jobs for fourteen years and become an architect. He was also a keen practising Buddhist since his late teens. In 2014, he suddenly and without any warning, left the office he was in, because of a perceived threat to his life. This ignited an oscillating fear that spies were out to get him.


Embarking on a spiritual journey, he was still ever mindful of the danger lurking in the shadows, but with determination, proper mental healthcare, and a strong mindfulness practice, he gradually developed a mindset of acceptance."

Check out the weblink below for a more comprehensive

synopsis of my book:

Alastair Gamble - Looking Out for Me (


The book is POD (Print-on-Demand) by Lightning Source, Ingram. It is stocked on Amazon as a Paperback and also available in Kindle format. You can also purchase at Waterstones bookshops or from Trigger publishers' bookstore, ThriftbooksFoylesBarnes & Noble, or as an EPUB Book by Rakuten Kobo.


Weblinks below:


Looking Out For Me A Spiritual Journey From Paranoia To Acceptance By Alastair Gamble | TriggerHub 

Note: No shipping costs if you order the book from TriggerHub within the UK.

Looking Our For Me: A Spiritual Journey... book by Alastair Gamble (

Looking Out For Me by Alastair Gamble | Foyles

Looking Out For Me: A Spiritual Journey from Paranoia to Acceptance by Alastair Gamble, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Looking Out for Me eBook by Alastair Gamble - EPUB Book | Rakuten Kobo 9781915680600

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