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About me as Author

Looking Out for Me: A Spiritual Journey from
Paranoia to Acceptance

Genre: Biographies & Autobiographies / Personal Memoirs

Published by Cherish Editions -
self-publishing division
 of Trigger Publishers. 

"Big Brother was watching Alastair Gamble - and they wanted him dead, but unseen forces were protecting him from harm with their magical powers.
At least, that was what he believed....
In Looking Out for Me, Alastair recounts his experiences with paranoia and mania. In 1993, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but medication helped him to maintain a normal life, becoming an architect and a dedicated Buddhist. This all changed in 2014, when he suddenly left his job and his Buddhist community because he thought nearly everyone he knew was out to get him.

Embarking on a spiritual journey, he was still ever mindful of the danger lurking in the shadows, but with determination, proper mental healthcare, and a strong mindfulness practice, he gradually developed a mindset of acceptance."

'From the moment I started the book I could not get the compelling narrative out of my head, and could not wait till the next time I got the opportunity to open the book and discover the next chapter in this extraordinary life.'
by Khemadana

'With the heightened awareness and excited-mindedness brought on by the illness, the narrative is recounted with vivid detail.'
by Jean Ensell

l would recommend this book to anyone interested in mental health and/or Buddhism.
by Amazon customer

There is a good degree of drama, which kept me wanting to read more (in fact I had the whole thing read within a week - which for me makes it a REAL page turner!!
by Adam Ryan

'I was immediately engrossed and engaged from the first page, and found it very easy to read.'
by Sarah H

Alastair Gamble is an author, artist and speaker, who, in his earlier life, worked as an architect, both in private practices and at the University of Warwick for five years. Alongside this professional path, he has been a Buddhist since 1993. He has taught meditation to beginners, and has had a substantial daily meditation practice since 2011. When relaxing, he loves to immerse himself in both non-fiction and fiction books, plus weekend newspaper supplements, reading both widely and deeply. 

Check out the weblink below for a more comprehensive
synopsis of my book:

Alastair Gamble - Looking Out for Me (
The book is POD (Print-on-Demand) by Lightning Source, Ingram. You can purchase at Trigger publishers' own bookstore or from Waterstones bookshops. 

It is stocked on Amazon as a Paperback and

also available in Kindle format. 

Other online distributors include: ThriftbooksFoyles

Barnes & Noble, Mighty Ape, or as an
EPUB Book by Rakuten Kobo.

Weblinks for online distributors of my book below:
Looking Out For Me A Spiritual Journey From Paranoia To Acceptance By Alastair Gamble | TriggerHub 
Note: No shipping costs if you order the book from
Trigger publishers within the UK.

Looking Our For Me: A Spiritual Journey... book by Alastair Gamble (

Looking Out For Me by Alastair Gamble | Foyles

Looking Out For Me: A Spiritual Journey from Paranoia to Acceptance by Alastair Gamble, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Looking Out For Me | Alastair Gamble Book | In-Stock - Buy Now | at Mighty Ape NZ

Looking Out for Me eBook by Alastair Gamble - EPUB Book | Rakuten Kobo 9781915680600

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