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Essen-The Stage_2022_A.jpg

Having been educated in architectural design, I particularly like to paint with a blend of light and shade to imbue my paintings with depth and drama. However, unlike architectural design, I like to be fine and delicate yet at times fluid in my brushstrokes, not being hindered by rigidly straight lines or vanishing points, as I want the painting to reflect my character and its quirks. I believe it is a reaction to my architectural days where everything was about precision. I work to blend the paints to make a seamless and more refined finish.
The subject matter I am fond of painting are Spanish landscapes. I also find inspiration from my parents' houses. Their gardens are rich in various flower displays and mature trees. Their interiors also prove to be a great source of interest to me, because my mother has a great eye for colours, forms and textures. In my compositions of interiors, I often try to convey a feeling of light, space and depth, and include a strong connection with the external environment.

In most of my paintings, I am keen to create an atmosphere of mystery, to allow the viewer to question what stories and narratives might lie within the fabric of the buildings. In my interiors there is normally a strong relationship between outer and inner. 

When tackling landscape projects, I prefer architecture with a high solid to glass ratio, as I find the use of too much glass dehumanising, especially in contemporary settings. I love making architecture the focal point of the canvas while complementing it with nature in all its guises. I only introduce people and animals where it enhances the composition and drama. 

The painters who inspire my art are people like Cezanne, Monet, Van Gogh and the intense realism of the interiors of Vermeer. I am also drawn to the play of light and dark, called 'chiascuro'. This is particularly conveyed in the intense drama of Caravaggio's artwork.

In the past, I have used a few different mediums, namely watercolours, oils, acrylics and gouache. I am currently painting with the medium of oils again. This time with Winsor & Newton water-soluble oils as I prefer the lesser toxicity compared to traditional oils, while still creating rich, authentic looking colours that these oils are so noted for.  

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