Alastair Gamble - Artist 

Having been educated in architectural design, I particularly like to paint with a blend of light and shadow to imbue my paintings with depth and heightened interest. However, unlike architectural design, I like to be fine and delicate yet at times fluid in my brushstrokes, and not being hindered by rigidly straight lines or vanishing points, as I want the painting to reflect my character and its quirks.

In the last few years I have been painting with authentic looking colours, but still retaining an individuality and uniqueness, without making my art look photographic

In most of my paintings I am keen to create an atmosphere of mystery, through the use of light, space and depth, and to allow the viewer to question what stories and narratives might lie within the fabric of the building and its ornaments. I prefer there to be no people in most of my paintings, as I feel the canvases can become too busy otherwise. This sense of mystery comes out especially in the interiors I paint, but also sometimes in the exteriors of buildings, where there might be a visual clue of drama beyond its walls.

Although in the past, I have used a few different mediums, namely watercolours, oils, acrylics and gouache. I am currently painting with the medium of oils again, but this time with water-soluble oils as I prefer the minimal toxicity compared to traditional oils, yet still creating rich, authentic looking colours that oils is so noted for.

The subject matter I choose to paint is predominantly a balance between architecture with a high solid to glass ratio, as I find the use of too much glass dehumanising, and corresponding nature. I thoroughly enjoy painting still life pictures and also interiors, especially where I can convey a feeling of light, space and depth. I only introduce people and animals where it enhances the composition and drama. 

I am open for commissions to create paintings from people's houses, both interiors, exterior and to be always softened with nature in all its guises.

I also do limited edition Giclée prints for most of the paintings on my website.

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